Commercial Services

Commercial Services

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At Michael J Ross Electric We Offer Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services:

MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC plays a crucial role in meeting the electrical needs of commercial and industrial businesses. Here are some common services that electrical contractors can perform for such establishments:

Lighting Design and Installation

We design and install lighting systems tailored to the specific needs of commercial or industrial spaces. We can recommend and install energy-efficient lighting solutions, including LED lighting, and ensure proper illumination for productivity, safety, and aesthetics.

Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

Commercial and industrial businesses often require ongoing electrical maintenance and repair services. MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC can perform routine inspections, identify potential issues, and provide timely maintenance and repairs to ensure the safe and uninterrupted operation of electrical systems.

Electrical System Installation

MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC can handle the installation of electrical systems in commercial or industrial buildings. This includes wiring, lighting systems, power distribution systems, transformers, electrical panels, and backup power systems such as generators or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

Electrical Safety and Code Compliance

We are well-versed in electrical codes and safety regulations. We can help businesses ensure compliance with local, state, and national electrical codes, perform safety inspections, and implement measures to enhance electrical safety in the workplace.

These are just a few examples of the services that we can provide to commercial and industrial businesses. CALL US NOW to discuss all your specific requirements.