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Comprehensive installation and maintenance services for portable generators (powered by natural gas.) Portable generators offer a reliable source of power during emergencies (like major weather events) or in areas where access to the electrical grid is limited. Here are some key points about portable natural gas backup generators:

Fuel Source

Portable natural gas backup generators are designed to run on natural gas, which is a clean-burning fossil fuel. Natural gas is typically supplied through utility lines or can be stored in portable tanks for use in areas without direct access to a natural gas pipeline.

Backup Power:

These generators are specifically intended to provide backup power during power outages or in situations where a reliable power source is needed. They are commonly used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings to keep essential appliances, systems, or equipment operational during emergencies.


Portable natural gas backup generators are generally permanently installed for long term emergency back-up for residential and commercial usage. Some generators are designed to be moved and set up easily. They are often equipped with wheels and handles, allowing for convenient transportation to different locations. This mobility enables them to be used in various settings or shared among different sites if needed.

Power Output

Portable natural gas backup generators come in different sizes and power capacities to accommodate various needs. The power output typically ranges from a few kilowatts to tens or hundreds of kilowatts, depending on the specific generator model. It’s important to select a generator that matches the power requirements of the appliances or equipment you intend to run.

When considering a portable natural gas backup generator, it’s important to assess your specific power needs and evaluate the available natural gas supply. MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC can consult with you to select the appropriate generator size and model. It’s also crucial to consider local regulations and ensure compliance with safety standards for installation and usage.


MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC is fully trained and insured to install any type of backup – It’s essential to consult with us since we are familiar with local and State of New Jersey codes and regulations. We can assess your specific needs, guide you through the installation process, and ensure compliance with safety standards to provide a reliable and safe backup power solution for your home or business. PLEASE CALL MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC TODAY for any questions you may have or a quote on your backup generator system!