EV Charges

EV Chargers

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Complete installation, maintenance, and servicing of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations. As the demand for electric vehicles increases, businesses and property owners are looking to provide EV charging infrastructure. Here are some common services MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC offers for EV charging stations:

Site Assessment and Planning

We assess the site to determine the feasibility and requirements for installing EV charging stations. We will consider factors such as electrical capacity, available space, proximity to power sources, and code compliance.

Installation of Charging Equipment

MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC can handle the installation of EV charging equipment, including the charging stations, charging cables, and associated electrical components. We ensure that the equipment is properly connected to the electrical system and that the charging stations are correctly mounted and secured.

Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades

In some cases, electrical infrastructure upgrades may be necessary to accommodate the additional load from EV charging stations. MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC can assess the existing electrical system and make any necessary upgrades, such as panel upgrades, circuit installations, or capacity enhancements.

Maintenance and Repairs

We provide ongoing maintenance and repair services for EV charging stations. This includes regular inspections, testing of equipment functionality, troubleshooting any issues, and performing repairs or component replacements as needed.

24/7 Emergency Services

By utilizing the expertise of MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC, homeowners and business owners can effectively and safely install and maintain EV charging stations, providing a valuable service to electric vehicle owners, and contributing to the growth of sustainable transportation. And helping New Jersey to become a cleaner environment for our families. CALL MICHAEL J ROSS ELECTRIC TODAY to discuss how we can help your to get your EV questions answered and to provide you with any of our EV installation expertise!